Planting Trees & Management

March 18, 2014 ~ Presented by Ben Nowakowski

Your Forester, Ben Nowakowski, gave a presentation on planting trees and different techniques on managing them throughout the years. Methods of competition control were discussed along with questions about trees and the programs available.

Forest Types in NE MI & FAP

March 6, 2014 ~ Presented by Ben Nowakowski

The benefits of the Forestry Assistance Program (FAP) was discussed with the residents and steps to take to apply for the program. Different forest types and the managing methods for those types were described in the presentation.

Rain Barrel Workshop

May 10, 2014 ~ Presented by Cathy Abraham

Build Your Own Rain Barrel! •Save Money •Conserve Water •Reduce your Impact

All the materials needed to build a 35 - 55 Gallon Rain Barrel are provided and the importance of using a rain barrel all demonstrated at this workshop. Look for our next workshop on Rain Barrels! Read More...

Soil Types & Mapping Seminar

May 29, 2014 ~ Presented by Tom Williams

Many of our community residences have brought in soil samples for testing on flowers gardens, vegetables gardens or food plots. These soil samples are then sent to a laboratory for testing. After an analysis is conducted, details are given with recommendations. For many, the process is complete, but what about those who have questions on how to read these recommendations? This Seminar helped our residents learn how to interpret those analyses and learn what next steps should be taken. Read More...

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